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For her build, mirroring her femininity, Ceara is a rather petite female, weighing in at 64 pounds paired with a height of 30 inches (at the shoulders), although something that may betray her small body is her thick fur, which makes her appear larger than she actually is. Year-round, with the exception of summer, Ceara is the canine equivalent of a cotton ball with her lengthy, dense coat, which tends to be quite troublesome in the warm months. Ceara, being concerned about her hygiene and appearance, keeps her fur well-groomed and it is often found in a kempt state. Her skin is protected by two layers of creamy white fur with several flaws of raw umber which are most abundant upon her back in the rough shape of the triangle, although the flecks of brown are also distributed throughout her pelt. Her pupils, as most, are black, and the surrounding iris is a vibrant amber which fades to brown as it reaching the edges of her eye. The eyes themselves are outlined by a dark grey.

Ceara possesses a wide disposition with several different traits. Normally, Ceara is energetic, feminine, and upbeat, exempt from sorrow, and she is rarely settled, moving and exploring often, excluding the time in which she must sleep. Despite such energy and optimism, oftentimes, she knows when to be serious. All-in-all, she is a stable individual and is physically and mentally healthy, but like most, she does have a diminutive dark side. Although she doesn't normally show it in the first place, she is confident and dominant, as, to some extent, she thinks highly of herself for her personality and looks (despite that she's just the average wolf in terms of appearance). Furthermore, on the terms of dominance, if provoked, she will indeed react with aggression - She isn't the one to pick fights, but if challenged by a lower rank, she isn't one to back down. Still, she prefers not to show this side of herself, as she is a feminine individual. Otherwise, she's just a happy-go-lucky female.

:: PAST ::
Ceara and her three litter-mates were born into a small pack with only two other members, not including the breeding pair. The first year of her life went without hardships, few competitors for land or food, so it was usually safe within the pack lands, and Ceara got along well with her family and pack-members. The first issues began shortly after her first year when her father, Devlin, contracted rabies after being bitten by a wild animal that possessed the disease. When symptoms began to show, Ceara and the others within the pack were doubtful. Either that, or they didn't accept the fact that the alpha male was ill and dying. When Devlin's rabies grew severe, he began to chew at his own limbs and partial paralysis was evident. His mind was slowly dehinging. At that point, there was no denying that Devlin was terribly ill, so Ceara and her family morosely left. Without Devlin. For a few weeks, things went smoothly, although the majority of the family was grieving after having left Devlin. The harmony was disturbed, however, when Devlin showed up at the new densite - Ceara's father followed the family, and by then he didn't recognize his mate and pups as had no control of his mind or body. Devlin lashed out at the family, and unfortunately, Ceara's mother and one of the litter-mates contracted the disease. Ceara, fearful of contracting rabies as well, bid farewell and dispersed from the family before the symptoms were evident in her mother and sister. Ceara doesn't know what became of the rest of her family, although she presumes that the healthy remainder of the family dispersed as she did. Afterwards, Ceara travelled blindly through the lands as a loner, stumbling across several packs, although not remaining in any permanently.



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