Evelette, Footprints In the Sand

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Evelette, Footprints In the Sand Empty Evelette, Footprints In the Sand

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The Basics:

Name: Evelette
Nickname(s): Eve'
Age: 3 Years
Gender: Female
Current Rank: Loner
Desire Rank: Guard

The Details:

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Coat:(Length) Long
Fur Colour: Rustic (During season changes Eve's pelt slightly changes colour Summer-More of a Faded Crimson/Ginger Colour. And Winter - A lighter brown colour, With speckles multi colours e.g White/Grey/Red ect.)
Eye Colour: Hazel
Markings/Scars: None at the moment
Build: Other than being slightly on the small side, Eve's structure is quite proportional. Her legs are long and slender, with small agile paws.
Fears: Her Father 'Issar'
Strengths: As an adult, Eve posses the experience for both Scouting and Fighting
Habits: Tends to get tail-turned in the most bizzar places.


Eve carries herself evenly and even tempered. Upon meeting strangers, she is polite and respectful and can even be called friendly. She tries to be as helpful as possible should someone ask for her help. As diplomatic and as easygoing as she can be, she can also be indecisive and changeable and tends to take a bit of time to make up her decisions. She dislikes offencive and selfish behavior and this is the one thing that could set off a hard to reach temper.

The Past:

Eve was one of three born during harsh and deadly winterm As she grew older her two brothers ventured off one evening. She is still awaiting their return even now. Eve never looses hope whuch is one of the main purpouses she is considered strong. Her father Issar a thick headed, highly-held, full-blooded Leading rank in her previous pack. He was often described as courageous and deserving of respect, but little did most wolves of the pack know, was that the dark-hearted brute was extensively abusive. Some would think it would go un-noticed but being the larger male of the pack noone spoke out against it.

Her birth mother passed away shortly after uncovering the violence of her mate, Her body found mangled and bloodied. No one spoke of Issar's scent lingering on her pelt, nor his Ebony fur caught defensively between her claws. The abuse continued, Eve would disappear from her den, only to appear hours later, bloodied and submitted. She continued to plow through her life of abuse, barely holding on to a string of life.

A year later, One summers morning Issar had taken Eve out to give her, her usual beating only this time she took extensive action and fled from the Territory. It is unknown the where-abouts of her abusive father but she still fears the thought of him living.

A month or so later Eve had managed to survive on her own, feasting of little hares and birds that passed her in her Journey. Silver Snows may just be the begining of a never-ending story.

The Relations:

Crush/Mate No Male Has Caught Her Eye
Pups: None Carry Her Genes
Friends: Coming Soon
Enemies: Issar


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Wolf Information
Wolf Name: Evelette
Rank: Loner
Age/Gender: 3 Years / Female


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