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Nocturne of the Night Noctur17

    Noct, Turn, Tern, Night, Shadow, Shade

    He currently is three years, eleven months.

    Nocturne prides himself on being a male.


    Grey Wolf

Looks only matter to those who Care.
I don't care

    Pelt Colouration:
    His pelt is a dark black that matches the colour of a jet. Lighter hues of black also colour his fur which are more visible in the light. A few guard hairs hold a dark grey though they blend in with the blacks; they are rarely seen except in harsh sunlight. In the moonlight, he looks like he has a white halo of fur on the outside while it darkens as it moves inwards. Without a moon, he looks just a like a shadow with glowing eyes.

    Coat Density:
    Nocturne possesses a naturally long, flowing coat. In the summer, it has a more glossy appearance and in winter it appears almost completely shaggy.

    Eye Colour:
    His eyes are a beautiful honey-gold. From a distance however, they can look like a darker hue of amber. There is a lighter yellow colour that surrounds the pupil in a ring of about a millimeter in circumference.

    At the shoulder, he stands at thirty-nine inches. Such a feat is only possible because of a rare mutation in his gene pool.

    Nocturne weighs a massive one hundred and eighty-three pounds.

The Past is behind me.
Like a broken Hourglass

    Currently being re-written.

I am the Darkness.
There is nothing you can do to stop the animal I've Become

    Nocturne takes care of his own. A member of the pack will never have to deal with the darker side of him because he wants to do what is best for his pack. To show displeasure towards the actions of a pack mate, Nocturne does not raise his voice. Instead, he lowers the pitch until it is barely above a mumble and closes his eyes as well as shakes his head. Other than that, he will not do much more to show that he did not like the member's actions. He believes that such a change in his personality is a sign enough.

    Nocturne can actually be very brutal, especially when threatened. He doesn't trust lone wolves; he is the type of leader who actually does feint attacks to see if the loner would be able to join. He is also brutal in the way he will not let a challenge go without an answer; if another pack are to attempt to take a piece of land, he'll rise and fend them off because he thinks it is for the best of the pack. His intentions are always pure, but his methods aren't. A master strategist, he's able to gather battle plans and learn about his opponents in a few seconds of communication. He is a kind wolf but he can not handle cowardice; he holds a strong disdain for those wolves who would speak tough and not hold their words when the worst came to be. Showing any sign of being a coward would also cause his temper to simply snap. As stated before, he would not yell but he would assert how much the wolf disgusted him with their acts.

    The loyalty levels that this wolf exhibits is unmatched. There was nothing he won't do to protect those he loves and the pack. Everything he does is for the good of the pack; he often makes decisions that others can be against but he was a genius with words; he quickly gets those opposed to seeing the way he sees things. Nocturne always held himself in a graceful pose, however it held a certain aura to it, one that said he was the one in charge and that he would give his life to protect all those around him.

    His only fatal flaw was that he couldn't see the "true" bad in others that resigned in the pack. He only wanted to see the good; when he was betrayed and his secrets given, he refused to believe it; he "died" still believing in that certain pack mate.

    There is a burning hostility that lingers in this wolf. Even though he may accept a wolf into the ranks of the pack, he will never quite trust them completely. Always will he keep an eye on his pack mates for they can be deceiving. Such a trait of hostility was born after his betrayal, however he would never cause harm to those who belong in the Cascading Waters pack; only those of the Silver Snows.

I like certain wolves and I dislike certain wolves.
If you're one that I like, consider yourself Lucky

    Father: Rapture (deceased; pushed into a gorge (by Nocturne) and drowned)
    Mother: Shatter (deceased; killed by a rogue)
    Brothers: Crescendo (living; location unknown to him) and Forever (living; has own pack in Canada)
    Sister: Fury (living; seized family's previous territory)
    Niece: Silence
    Cousin: Maeve
    Adoptive Father: Blue (alive; in this very pack)

    At the moment, he considers himself friendless.

    None of his old enemies linger near him; they are forgotten.

    No wolf has his interest.

    No she-wolf has captured the eyes of Nocturne.

    A female does not have the heart of Nocturne in their paws.

    Without a mate, how can one have pups?

The skills I posses have saved my life multiple times.
Maybe I can Save you too

    His skills lay in that of intimidation. Mostly due to his larger stature, he can cause those who would normally cause him harm to back down. He does not use this talent on his own pack mates (unless they are engaged in conflict); he uses that on loners.

    Talented in the skill of persuasion, Nocturne can use words and references to convince others that his view is the correct one. He does not use this often however, because he feels that it is wrong to make others see things from his point constantly. The only time he uses such a thing is when he is being challenged by another pack for a piece of land and the pack is reluctant to fight back.

    He can remain expressionless when he needs to, however most of the time he holds many emotions. That is another talent of his because it throws off his opponents when they try to figure out what's going on in his mind.

    Another talent is his ability to learn a great deal about his opponents in a matter of minutes by watching their mannerisms, the way they hold themselves, and the way they speak. Nocturne can also think of plans to defeat those who stand in his way.

    He likes the quiet. When there is no sound of chatter and a creek gently runs over the pebbles beneath the surface like velvet. When he is overwhelmed by the presence of others, he will venture out and try to find a quiet spot in order to collect his thoughts.

    Above all, he likes his pack. He will always hold a soft spot for the Cascading Waters Pack but now his loyalties fall to Silver Snows Pack.

    Being with the rest of the pack is something he adores to do. He can spend a long time just listening to them speak to one another. However, yelling will cause him to break up the fight before he searches for a quiet place to regain his composure. It also helps him to chase away the ghosts that flutter at the back of his mind.

    There is nothing more that this wolf hates more than cowardice. To him, it is a trait that simply should be non-existent in a "true" pack.

    He doesn't like loners very much. Nocturne knows that without loners there can be no pack but he holds no liking for them. If possible, he likes to rid himself of their presence and be done with it.

    The hostility he feels towards outsiders can double as a strength and a weakness. With that hostile nature towards those who do not belong, Nocturne can save the pack from having to deal with those who would otherwise cause them harm.

    His calculating mind. Given a few seconds of conversation and observation, Nocturne can gather information about his opponents and his own pack mates that would normally be kept quiet. With that, he can tell when to be careful around another or can even know when to drive someone out.

    All of the utmost loyalty he portrays. If a wolf gets close enough to Nocturne that he no longer deems them a threat to himself, he will exhibit a protective, unalterable loyalty towards them. This can also prove to be a weakness since it shadows his ambition.

    He has control over his emotions. Even if he's angry, he doesn't allow his mind to be clouded; he can keep most things under control. There are cracks in this control, but for the most part, it will last despite the situation.

    His hostility towards outsiders. This is a weakness because it could scare away potential members for the pack. With that, the pack grows weaker due to his continued hatred for loners. However, with his greater control, such a weakness can be overlooked at most times.

    Nocturne doesn't see the bad in others, when they're in the pack at least. With this, he tends not to see the darkness in them. That is why he has never driven out a pack mate. In Cascading Waters, he had seen the darker heart that the current leader was portraying but he refused to believe it. That is what led him into being "killed".

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Nocturne of the Night Empty Re: Nocturne of the Night

Post  Blue on Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:57 pm

He sounds like a very cool, well-rounded character. I can't wait for Blue to meet him!
(Even though she's his adopted father already x'D)
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Post  Kanae on Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:44 am

Holy. Moly. He's like, huge man. Insanely huge. As in, don't let him sit on anyone because they would die huge.

I like him. And you did a wonderful job on your biography. (:

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