Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP)

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Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP) Empty Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP)

Post  Alaric on Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:15 am


Nicknames // Al, Ric, Alas

Age // Three years and eight months.

Gender // One hundred percent male.

Ranking // For now, Alaric does not hold a rank within the pack.

Colour of Fur //

Thickness of Coat // For some strange reason, Alaric's coat is ridiculously thick. Especially so in winter, though it doesn't have the downy, sleek quality that it possesses in the spring and summer seasons. His fur isn't as long as it is thick.

Iris Colouration // They are a brilliant light amber. At the edges--near the pupil and outer side of the iris--is a lighter gold.

Unusual Markings // Alaric's face and legs are a much darker brown in colouration in comparison towards his fur. They are almost black in colouration.

Scars // There are many scars on his body and on his psychological self.

Body Frame //

Family Heritage //

Mate // No one takes this position.

Offspring // Alaric has no offspring to speak of.

Romantic Interest(s) // No female has his romantic interest yet.

Friends // Since he doesn't know anyone, he doesn't have any friends.

Acquaintances // Until he meets the pack members, this will stay empty.

Interests // No wolf has interested him.

Neutrals // Everyone in the pack is a neutral. For now anyway.

Enemies // They are all long gone. Abandoned in his past and never to be seen again.

Strengths //

Weaknesses //

Talents //

Habits //

Personality //

History //

Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP) Silenc10

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Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP) Empty Re: Alaric, the Noble (Huge WIP)

Post  Ceara on Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:29 pm

Great biography here, Alaric! I look forward to learning more about him soon:D

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