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The Beast that is only Ash Empty The Beast that is only Ash

Post  Ash on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:21 pm

Name: Ash
Nicknames: Ash is only three letters long. Is this even necessary?
Age: Eh, a few weeks.
Gender: Brute.
Rank: He will most likely become a guardian or a warrior, after the footsteps of his parents.
Coat Color: His coat colors consist of mostly black and gray, but is currently gaining more white, and lighter hues of gray.
Eye Color: Mostly a deep, intense amber color, but some gold flecks are evident.
Personality: Ash is usually apathetic in all of his actions, being simply too cool to care. However (consider yourself warned), when properly provoked, he does carry a nasty temper. I strongly advise against insulting him, something, or someone he cares about... mainly because I don't want to clean up the mess afterwards.
History: Not much of one yet. He was among the first to be born within the Silver Snows Pack.
Parents: I'm sure this has already been listed at least five times, but for the heck of completion...
Amuro ()
Brook ()
Caius ()
Sheila ()

Friends: Meh, he’ll make them eventually…
Enemies: Those dim-witted enough to anger him will reside here in the future, but as of now there are truly none. Even if Brook gets annoying, she’s still his sister, whom is unfortunately still included in the love for his family.
Mate: None
  • Challenges

  • Gaining strength and skill

  • Being treated respectfully

  • Being underestimated

  • Being treated inferiorly

  • Coyotes (with a passion)

Talents: Of course, Ash is a very talented fighter (this goes with out question). But, what fewer notice, is that this isn’t his only talent. He has become a quick learner, with the goal to expand hid knowledge of battle techniques.
Strengths: Ash is already showing a display of vast masculinity that will only improve over time. Such brute strength, combined with his self-confidence, will one day form him into the ultimate fighter.
Weaknesses: He has an enormous difficulty expressing any emotion other than extreme anger, and apathy(if that can even be counted as an emotion at all). Maybe a special someone could help him, in the future…

Pup (current) Form:
The Beast that is only Ash WS4_0053.2

Adult (future) Form:
The Beast that is only Ash PWF-132_Silver_Gray_Wolf500

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