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Name: Caius

Nicknames: Cai

Age: A few weeks old

Gender: Male

Rank: Pup; he has no particular interest in any of the ranks yet.

Coat Color: Mostly leans toward Amuro's appearance, his coat colors consisting of gray, brown, white, and some black.

Eye Color: A thick amber color, gold spots are barely evident.

Personality: Caius is adventurous and determined, despite his early hardships. Being full of self-confidence, he rarely lets anthing, or anyone get under his skin. However, because of the combination his personality sports, he is often succumbed by curiosity, which usually leads him into trouble.

History: He was the last born to Amuro and Katria of the Silver Snows Pack, and was easily identified as the runt of the litter by all. While he still may be weaker than his siblings, he has made a great improvement from.

Amuro - Father
Katria - Mother
Brook - Sister
Ash - Brother
Sheila - Sister

Likes: He enjoys exploring, discovering new things, and solving 'mysteries'. Being young, he hasn't completely developed a lot of interest in one thing for too long.

Dislikes: Staying in one area for too long bores him.

Talents: Not very many are evident yet. He has become skilled in escaping from others unnoticed, much to his parent's dismay.

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