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Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) Empty Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P)

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Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) Wolf_pup
Identity : :

Era : :
Her rough estimate would be somewhere in the early cub stage.

Classification : :

Position : :
As of now, pup, however when she's older she will either choose healer or hunter.

Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSchlAtihUZVa1GLRw7wgF0PuCZ6T5S-9weLoIe5MZA8yVwT3Zg

Fleece Pigmentation : :
A glossy, dark, pitch black. No color escapes its depths; with the exception of her ivory patch bestowed upon her chest. In fact, she is an exact replica of Katria. In appearance only.

Optical Coloration : :
Her eyes consist of a burnt orange. Expanding out further into her iris, it lightens into a gleaming gold.

Mental Description : :
Although similar to Katria in appearance, mentally she is her opposite. Sheila's shy, small and nice. She will usually shy away from those who she knows will instantly snap at her with no hesitation (except Ash, Brook and Katria), and strangers. Though to those she knows, she'll be kind, soft and sweet, also helping any problem that bestows itself upon her pack. Though don't underestimate her. Her sugary coating only goes so deep. When she's under extreme pressure, she will lose it. By that, I mean she becomes unstable. She will snap at anyone present, and won't hesitate to rant at said person for almost an hour. So yes, she does have a dark side, but it is extremely rare behavior for her sweet, sugary outside.

History : :
Not much. She was born and raised in the Silver Snows Pack, in early winter; however a terrible snowstorm is brewing currently.

Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) Cwc-wolf-pup
Kin : :
Katria - Mother (♀)
Amuro - Father (♂)
Brook - Sister (♀)
Ash - Brother (♂)
Caius - Brother (♂)

Allies : :
Katria, Amuro

Rivals : :
None, and she wishes to keep it this way.

Crush : :

Heartkeeper : :
None, for she is simply a pup.

Offspring : :
She is but a cub herself.

Strengths : :
- Speed



Weaknesses: :
- Strength

-Battle - strategizing

-Fighting in general

Prefers : :
-Talking with friends


-Friendly races

-Basking in the sun

Frowns Upon : :
-Cold, rainy days

-Wolves with Anger Issues



Theme : :
W. I. P.

Current Reference : :
Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) Black-wolf-pup

Adult Reference : :
Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) White_heart_on_black_wolf___to_kuronokiri_by_tienna-d5e8m73

Family Photo : :
Sheila - The Shy (W.I.P) 654ca626d9a689d8dc140a36a8e2d1c2-d4rfm7v

Side-Notes : :

Every photo (except the Family Photo) was taken from Google. All pictures belong to there respectful owners. Family Photo is by Blue. (Thankie Blue c:). And yes, the Family Photo is too big; everyone is shown but Sheila /fail/. You can see half of her on the side.

Thanks for reading!

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