The Asylum

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The Asylum

Post  Kanae on Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:03 pm

The Asylum is a large, yet dark and abandoned faculty. Except for the odd inhabitants which reside within the old building. Hotel turned psychiatric hospital was left mere months ago when funds for treatments ran housing ran dry. Within days the hospital owners took what little money they had and ran, leaving both patients, nurses and doctors behind. Most of the staff left, for fear of being overrun or developing a type of disorder and being trapped withn the hospital for life. But some of them, loyal to their morality and true to their values, stayed with the patients who were still under care or who hadn't left the ward when they could.
This is their story.

Your choice is either to be a patient or a nurse. You are trapped within the hospital and there is no way of escape. Most doors to the outside world have been overgrown, but the gardens and grounds of the hospital have been fenced off, too high and too slippery to be scaled. There are many other patients and nurses within the ward that you have and have not met - it's always fun to make new friends. Regardless of whether they are a figment of your imagination or not.

Please complete a character sheet for the character you create. But it must contain the following fields (any others can be added by choice): character name, age and gender; nurse/doctor or patient; if patient, why have they been originally admitted to the hospital (what mental disorder(s) do they have?); personality (or more if they are diagnosed with mulitple personalities) and any other characters they know within the RP.

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Re: The Asylum

Post  Josh on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:53 pm

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Name: Victor Burton

Age: 23/24

Gender: Male

Asylum status: Patient

Diagnosed with: Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Personalities: Technically Victor does not have several different personalites - he only acts different during various mental episodes. Before the funds ran dry and the medication ran out or was lost within other part of the ward, Victor was prescribed to mood stablizers and antidepressants. Victor's mood can vary, though. He is usually moderately calm and isolated within the hospital. He is known for his secrecy. But he won't shy to have a conversation or two - he just doesn't prefer to be crowded. Although that doesn't necessarily mean he will talk a great deal.
Victor often wears suits, or blazers and smart jeans of some kind - much like he is stuck in history, in a certain period. His voice and accent enhance this ideology even more. His hallucinations and isolation only mean that his accent - understandably a strange one - seemes untracable. Like a mixture between English and Japanese - but more refined.
The way he acts towards his friends is typical - although he is no longer on medication so his state varies from time to time. Victor doesn't particularly engage with newcomers, he rather just waits for them to come to him instead. He finds life to move much more efficient that way for some reason.
His favourite room in the hospital is the game room, and he enjoys mostly competing with games of pool, poker and blackjack. But you can often find him staring towards the white noise on the battered old television - although no other patient can see - he claims to be seeing moving images on the 'digibox'.
Victor has a lot of problems with his thought patterns. He is able to speak perfectly well and clear, but he will often repeat words or phrases. Both uttered by himself and others.

The Doctor
- Victor's fanatical friend. No other person has ever met the Doctor and yet Victor talks about (and too) him constantly. One of his favourite phrases about him is; "Don't worry; The Doctor is coming".
Emily - Victor's apparent girlfriend. According to hospital records, Emily was killed by Victor himself three years ago, yet still Victor continuously refers back to her. Such as; "No, I can't Emily will be angry." and "But Emily is expecting me home at three."
Joshua - A young boy. Age between 6 and 10, the boy changes so often withing Victor's mind it's dificult to pinpoint what age he is meant to be. Joshua is Victor's son - but Victor lost contact with him when the boy was only four years old because of his admitance into the Asylum. He is suspected to be alive - but Victor knows not of his real age and not of his appearance. He is suspected to look more like Emily than Victor. He constantly refers back to the boy in conversation. "Of course I know pool! I taught my Joshua how to play pool when he was only seven years old."

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