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Post  Larka on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:35 pm


Three years



Her coat consists of a variety of alabaster hues while also containing darker pigments such as cream or pale russet.

Her oculus contain a mixture of aureolin, causing the coloring ot become a lucid ochre allowing its colors to flash within blinding light.

Larka's personality usually changes, depending on her current mood. She remains silent in large crowds she's not comfortable with, but tries to stay respectful to others. Sometimes, she withdraws, which is usually when she's annoyed or irritated. Because Larka doesn't socialize much, her participation in any discussion is mostly depending upon those around her, if they ask for her opinion or not. She's courteous, but tries not to annoy others by doing random acts to acquire attention from others, although sometimes her silence un-nerves others...

Larka grew up in the pack of Red Meadows with her brother, Fell, and her parents, Huttser and Palla. The small wolf pack lived together for a while, until Huttser fell ill. He died soon after, but not before Palla caught the same virus. She, too, dying, the young wolves were devastated and split ways, Larka slowly losing contact with her brother. Larka wandered for a bit, entering other packs territories and such, until she came across a wolf one day. His name was Grappler, the new alpha of Red Meadows. Recognizing her home-land, Larka joined the pack and met the new members. Grappler soon made Accalia his mate and the two made the pack glorious. But, Grappler left, no explanation, one day there, the next gone. Things went down-hill from there. One day, a pack decided to raid Red Meadows, targetting Accalia. She was killed by a fatal wound in the neck, and the pack was left without an alphess. More members left than joined, and the pack was slowly dwindling, leadership being passed from one wolf to another without any success of regaining the pack's original glory. At that time, Larka left. She wandered for a bit as a loner, scavenging and such for food and shelter. She met wolves, most dangerous, and learned to mistrust others. Knowing the life of a loner was not for her, she decided to search out a pack, now six months after the fall of Red Meadows.

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Post  Flame on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:43 pm

welcome Larka!! hope you have fun here!
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Post  Ray on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:51 am

Welcome to the pack.

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