Mist's Bio (WIP for the history)

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Mist's Bio (WIP for the history) Empty Mist's Bio (WIP for the history)

Post  Mist on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:24 pm

Name: Mist
Nicknames: Misty, Missy
Age: 1 1/2 years
Gender: female
Rank: Apprentice soothsayer
Coat Color: Mist's coat is a beautiful mix of grays with grey flecks that are so dark, they look black
Eye Color: Pale blue
Personality:Mist is a very calm and happy. She does what she is told, and gives 100% effort. This wolf is a follower, not a leader, and doesn't complain very much. She is always trying to make friends, but she can pick out the "bad wolves" very quickly.
History: WIP
Family: Flora(mother)~alive Blue(father)~alive Smog(brother)~alive Fire(brother)~alive
Friends: none (YET :P)
Enemies: none (hopefully never)
Crush: none (YET (again))
Mate: none (I'd hope not yet ;P)
Likes: friends, having something to do, snow, gazing at the stars, and pups
Dislikes: fighting, boredness (is that a word? :P), lazyness, and death
Talents: having visions/ dreams about upcoming singnificant events (dur im a soothsayer)
Strengths: decifering(did I spell that right?) dreams/ visions
Weaknesses: battling and taking the lead of things
Extra: nope
Reference: it won't let me put it up :(

Apprentice Soothsayer

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Wolf Information
Wolf Name: Mist
Rank: Apprentice Soothsayer
Age/Gender: 1 year old ~ female

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