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Post  Drake on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:59 am

Name: Drake
Nicknames: Dray
Age: 3
Gender: Brute
Rank: Lead Healer
Coat Color: White with black patches
Eye Color: Golden brown
Personality:He is a sweet wolf, a bit of a ladies man as he will do anything to make fae's happy. This can get him into trouble from time to time but he avoids conflict as best he can. He aims to please others which is why he wants to be a healer. He has been taught about some herbs from his father. He doesn't like to talk about his past, only a select few will ever be told. Even when sad he puts on a smile so he doesn't worry others.
History: He used to be a warrior in his previous pack, wanting to protect anyone who might be in danger. A bear attacked his pack but he was unable to fend it off. He was severely injured, not many thinking he would make it. The fae who he was going to ask to be his mate, Sweet Pea, was killed in the fight, along with many others. He left his pack once he was healed, not wanting to be reminded of those who were killed due to his incompetence. Since then he decided that he would help others in another way, by healing. He no longer believes he is strong enough to fight which is why he avoids all conflict. While he likes to make fae's happy, he is not sure if there is another fae out there for him.
Family: Mate: My adoring Kanae
Friends: A friend of Kanae's is a friend of mine, so everyone xD
Enemies: None! xD Lets keep it that way
Crush: The lovely Alpha
Mate: My darling Kanae
Likes: The sun, to be around others in his pack, mainly the fae's and helping others as best he can.
Dislikes: conflict, rain and wolves who pry about his history.
Talents: Pleasing others, knowing what others need to hear and getting in trouble over fae's
Strengths: he is smart and knows plenty about many different herbs. Loves helping other wolves.
Weaknesses: he is afraid of conflict, doesn't fight unless someone's life is on the line.
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Song: Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ww-8jvxT5Q
Man I love this song xD and it fits perfectly

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Wolf Information
Wolf Name: Drake
Rank: Lead Healer
Age/Gender: 3/ Male


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