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Post  Amuro on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:03 am

Name: Amuro

Nickname(s): Ammy

Age: Five years

Gender: Male

Rank: Warrior

Coat Color: The natural white and grey wolf markings, white underneath and grey scattered evenly elsewhere. Light brown stripe on muzzle, leading from his nose to just below his eyes. Fur colours tend to give off an relaxed, calm appearance.

Eye Color: A deep amber color.

Personality: He is almost always calm, and patient. In times off duty, he is into joking around with some other pack mates. He is easily sociable, but doesn’t often seek out others to converse with. When he believes it is needed, he will share his wisdom with a pack member, often in the form of a metaphor.

History: Amuro had been a warrior for the majority of his life. He took to learning the ways of a warrior quickly, but near the end of his days in the pack, he was caught up in all the guilt caused by so much pointless bloodshed, and a war that could’ve easily been avoided, that he left the pack quietly.

Katria (mate)

Friends: Always up for making them :)

Enemies: One should hold their friends close, but hold their enemies closer. That is, if one actually has any enemies.

Likes: He prefers peace over war, and does the best of his abilities to prevent it. As for leaders, he prefers ones that think over things and don’t just attack with out an ultimate plan. He also believes strongly one should earn their rank in the pack through hard work and loyalty, not through another pack member’s sudden death.

Dislikes: Pointless battles with other packs disgust him. Traitorous wolves who can turn their backs on their whole pack just to save their tails, and others who believe they are stronger then everyone and everything, so no one else matters, anger him. He hates wolves who steal food from pups, as well as neglecting parents.

Talents: He can strategize like no other wolf his age.

Strengths: He is wise beyond his years, and growing into being an excellent strategist. He is not the fastest of males, or perhaps not even qualified to be called fast at all, but he has an amazing extent of stamina. Enemies may be swift, and easily outrun him, but in the end they will need to stop to rest, and he’ll be right on their tail, never once stopping the pursuit. Though stamina and wisdom may be his ultimate strengths, there is also requirements to being a warrior, so he also has a good, secure amount of muscle built up after all the years.

Weaknesses:: He has a special soft spot for pups. Though, he tries to keep this a secret, being the strategist he is, he knows someone may find such a way to use this against him. His eyes may give him away for a fraction of a second, but only observant wolves may see this.

Extra: N/A


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Wolf Name: Amuro
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Post  Kanae on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:05 am

Welcome to the pack, Amuro! I can't wait to roleplay with you! (:

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Post  Josh on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:21 am

Welcome buddy :)
Can't wait for Josh to meet Amuro in the RP :D
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Post  Brook on Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:35 pm

Add your puppies! DO IT NOAW! xD

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